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Man behind woman’s success!

BJ Mirror Correspondent

Man or wife. Who is the achiever? This question is utterly redundant in case of the Keshari couple. In a ‘made for each other’ style they supplemented and complemented to hit the bull’s eye.

DSP Poonam

DSP Poonam

This is the saga of Santosh and Poonam. If Amitabh Bachchan observed ‘Karwa Chout’ for his wife in reel life, Santosh went a step further and relieved his wife in real life of the responsibilities of rearing and bringing up their tiny-tot daughter. He played both father and mother. His labour and sacrifices yielded gold and Poonam is now a deputy superintendent of police (DSP) in Bihar.

The story began some five years back when Santosh and Poonam were tied in nuptial knots. Their Bhattacharya road residence in Patna became the moon’s dale. They enjoyed every moment of the conjugal bliss. The time was on the wings. Soon they had a girl child, Kalyani. They, however, was oblivious of the fact that the god was spinning a different course for them.

One day Santosh came to know of the secret. “As soon as I came to know that Poonam wanted to study further, I girded up my loins”. After a brief pause Santosh recalled. His face lit up and turned crimson. He said: “I told my wife that I would hereby take all responsibilities of Kalyani. I will be both father and mother for her”.

Santosh with Kalyani

Santosh with Kalyani

And Santosh kept his words. He persuaded his wife to go to Delhi and prepare herself for the competitive examinations for a government job. “At Delhi I was longing to meet my small daughter”, Poonam recalled. But, every time her husband would convince her not to worry for the offspring. “She is fine and giggling. Like Arjun and Ekalabya just see your goal and nothing else should detract you”, the husband would tell her. Their sacrifice and sincere efforts bore fruits. Poonam was selected by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) for the post of DSP in the first go. She notched up 36th position in the Bihar police service and the 385th position in the overall merit list.

Poonam praises her husband for the achievement. “In fact my husband penned my success story”, says she. She showers accolades on her husband, mother in-law and other family members. “All of them encouraged me and provided all help and guidance to fulfil my mission”, she said. Turning to Santosh she said: “I pray to the Almighty that Santosh be my husband in all legendry seven incarnations. (Saat janamo taka Santosh hi mera pati bane) After a hearty laugh she said that all women should get husbands like Santosh.

When asked, if you have not created a history and a new axiom that ‘men are behind the women’s success’, a bit embarrassed Santosh said: “It is Poonam’s sincere labour and sacrifices that have choreographed her success story. We played just the second fiddle”. While the couple praised each other for the success sincerity was engraved in their ‘confessions’. They make an ideal couple in this world, caught in mad rush for modernity. And Poonam is not a woman to allow wind rush into her mind and rest on oars. She is now preparing herself to excel in the Union Public Service Commission examinations and join the central services.


2 Responses to “The Achiever”

  1. She is an inspiration for me also….she is my elder sister…..I feel proud…

  2. anand kumar Says:

    Feel Proud of my Brother Santosh

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