Damage no, compensation yes

BJ Mirror Correspondent

Authorities’ of a Lohardagga high school are blowing hot and blowing cold in the same breath on the damage of an eye of a school pupil. A teacher has been suspended on the charge of damaging the student’s eye but they would deny that the teacher had hit the boy.

They refused to take responsibility for the visual impairment of Class VII student Akash Kumar but announced free education up to Plus-II for the boy and meeting all expenses in treatment. The police have, however, lodged an FIR and investigating the case.
Akash has lost vision in the left eye after he was hit by Hindi teacher’s stick. The school authorities initially accepted the incident but pleaded that ‘the teacher had not done that intentionally’. The next day they called a press conference to deny the hitting and termed the boy as ‘the naughtiest student’ in the class.

According to the school authorities, it was the third period (8.35 to 9.05 am) and Hindi class was in progress. Students on the last benches were making a lot of noise. So, the teacher scolded the monitor and started advancing towards the students. She picked up a stick left behind by the geography teacher in the previous period. She struck the stick on the bench, which broke and a piece of that struck Akash’s left eye. The school, however, has slapped a show-cause on the teacher and suspended her.

The concerned teacher absolved herself and told the police that Akash was wrong in accusing her of beating him. She said Akash’s brother-cum-classmate would prove him wrong since he was sitting on the same bench at the time of the incident. But the town police would not believe it. Akash’s brother has already given his statement to the police, saying that he had gone to drink water when the incident occurred. The police probe is progressing.


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