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There are certain ethereal incidents that can not be explained in scientific terms. Ghosts and super natural spirits are the accepted fact of life all over the world. There are no valid explanations for them. But they do exist. Our intention is not to propagate such weird incidents. All that glitters is not gold. Valued readers are invited to share such ‘true stories’ with the BJ They would be carried in this net magazine with due secrecy, if demanded. –Editor.

When the dead revisited his family

BJ Mirror Correspondent

You are harvesting wheat crop? Go home. Sudarshan was perplexed to hear the voice. He looked around but there was none. Then he realised that the voice of his brother, who had died some four days ago and he had cremated him. Before he could reconcile to the situation the voice came again in the local Magahi dialect: “ka sochaeet ha. Ghare chala” (what are you thinking. Go home). Sudarshan got confused further. The voice heard had come from him. He noticed that his voice had changed into his elder brother’s tone and tenure.

Sudarshan virtually ran to his house, gasping for breath. He was badly perspiring. His shirt had got drenched in sweats. His family members started fanning him furiously. They gave him a glass of water to drink. Sudarshan said “did you people not recognise me. I am Kedar”. Family member identified the voice and loud wails filled the air. The voice said further: “Don’t be frightened. I will come for three to four days more. I have done my duty for all of you”. Before the grieving family could grasp the situation the voice stopped and Sudarshan came back his self. The incident was kept a closely guarded secret.

On the third visit, ‘Kedar’ called every member of his family. The medium was again Sudarshan. The voice said, “Sudarshan I have done every thing for you. Ensure that worship in the temple is done regularly”. (Kedar had got a temple constructed in his village on the bank of a canal from his own earning. This is the only temple in the village). Then he called his eldest son and told him: “I have been telling you to correct your path but you did not pay heed to my advice. What can now I do for you”? (The eldest son Amarnath has developed a bad habit of taking loans. Kedar had bailed him out and cleared his loan twice).

To his wife, a retired lady health visitor, the voice said: “God had ordained us to live together only for this much period. Don’t weep and be bold. Now you are both mother and father for your children. Look after them and try to convince that living together as joint family would give them strength and happiness. Take special care of my dear daughter Gitu. I have luckily married off her only daughter. Now you get her only son educated. (Gita is the widowed daughter of Kedar Thakur. He used to call her lovingly Gitu. After the husband of Gita, in early thirties, died he kept her at his Danapur residence and got her both son and daughter admitted in schools. Almost a year before his sudden death, Kedar, 61 years, had married off her daughter, cleared off loans and got ‘Gitu’ established in her village home.)

The voice called his ‘Gitu’ and consoled her not to shed tears and face the world boldly. “Your mother and brothers are there to take you out of any crisis”, he said. After that sons and daughters in-law were called by name and advised to live in peace. The voice told Sudarshan: “Now you are head of the family and a fatherly figure for all”. The spirit or voice finally said that “I won’t come any further. Be at peace”. And Sudarshan came to his normal self. Garurhpuran and other Hindu scriptures say that the Atma (soul) of the dead remains hovering for 12 days and accepts food items and other things given by the progeny.

This unbelievable story, however, does not end here. There is a filmy twist in it. One day the wife of Sudarhan, 58, suddenly complained of acute pain in her abdomen. Her whole abdominal started swelling and soon became inflated like a balloon. She was taken to local physicians who gave her some painkiller medicine. There was no respite. Since 35 years of married life had gone barren no body could imagine that Sudarshan’s wife could be pregnant. According to the family insiders, the woman never had regular menses and that too had stopped a decade back.

But, a miracle was in making. The lady was taken to Patna from her village in Bihar’s Arwal district for expert advice. The Mahavira Arogya Sansthan (hospital) got some pathological testes conducted on her. The tests revealed a most unbelievable and bizarre thing. Sudarshan’s wife was carrying a baby in her womb. The pregnancy is some eight months’ old. The lady had no symptom of being pregnant before the miraculous growth after the shradha of Kedar. And in early May the lady delivered a male child in Patna hospital. Is it a case of rebirth in his own family?

(The name of concerned persons and villages has been changed or withheld for social and legal reasons. The BJ holds no responsibility for any coincidental resemblance.)


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