Krishna’s Kitchen

Aamrasa (mango pudding)

Ingredients: Ripe mango: 500 gram, milk: one kilogram, sugar or gurh: 200 gram, almond: 2-3 pieces and coconut powder: one table spoon.

Krishna Rani

Krishna Rani

Process: Boil the milk thoroughly and keep it stirring to avoid burning. When the milk boils down to one-third, take off the pot from oven and let it cool down. Squeeze the mangoes in the milk properly and take out skin and seeds. You can also use ready mango pulp. Crush the almonds into rough powder. Mix sugar and almond and coconut powder into milk-mango mixture and keep it in a freezer to cool and get thickened. Your mango pudding is ready. Serve it cool.

Sweet mango chutney

Ingredients: Green Mango: One kilogram, Sugar or gurh: 350 g, ghee or refined oil: 50g, aniseed (saunf): one table spoon, cumin seed: one table spoon, salt 2 tsf and red chilli powder: one table spoon.

Process: Grate green mangoes into fine shreds and keep it in sun for 4-5 hours and allow water to dry out. Fry cumin seeds and make fine powder. Fry the dried up mango shreds in ghee or refined oil till it gets brownish colour. Pour and mix all items and sugar in the fried mango shreds and cook it for a few minutes. When all things turn into a well-mixed paste, add the cumin seed powder and take off the pan from fire and let it cool. Your chutney is ready. Store it in a glass jar and eat as and when you wish. This chutney can last for a year. For diabetics sugar-free may used in place of sugar or gurh. Mango chutney can also be prepared without drying up the crushed shreds but this chutney may not last for more than a month.

Makhana (lotus seeds) kheer

Ingredients: Makhana (lotus seeds): 200 gram, ghee or refined oil: 100g, Sugar: 500g, milk: 2 kg, cardamom: 12-15 pieces, coconut powder: 20-25g, kishmish (dried grapes): 100g, and almond: 3-4 pieces

Process: Fry makhana (lotus seed) thoroughly on slow flame. When fried, crush makhana properly. Keep the milk in a boiling pot on flames and when it starts boiling pour crushed makhana into it. Keep it stirring, lest it may burn. Make rough powder of almond and clean kishmish. Mix both the things and sugar in the cooking makhana-milk mix. When cooked, take off the pot from fire, mix coconut powder and allow it to cool. Your Makhana kheer (pudding) is ready to serve.


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