What stars foretell

Pt. Nand Kishore Tewari tells you all

June, 2010, (vikram sambat 2067, jyesth krishnapaksha 04 to asadh krishnapaksha 05).

Pt. Nand Kishore Tiwari

Pt. Nand Kishore Tiwari

The Sun will move into Gemini on June 15. Here Sun will conjugate with Pluto and will acquire eying relation with Saturn and Neptune. This situation may not be considered favourable. It may leads to abrupt climate change and nature instability. This solar movement is not good for economic world also. Agro-products may record price hike. For the education, this solar movement is quite good. This movement is favourable for Aries and Leo people.

Mercury will move into Taurus on June 06. Arrival of mercury in Taurus is quite beneficial for all as Taurus is a friend of mercury. This movement will improve economic condition worldwide. It is also good for art and agriculture. This movement is inimical for Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius.

Mercury will set in Taurus on June 17. Setting of mercury dwindle all its positive effect. This setting is inimical for all sectors related with mercury. Mercury will move into Gemini on June 22. Here, Mercury conjoins with Sun. This may have medium fruits.. Though, Gemini is its own place of Mercury, its eyeing relation with Neptune may cut into its positive effect. This position of mercury is, however, favourable to outsourcing industries. This change may not be good for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, but it will bring positive result for Leo and Aquarius.

Venus will move into Cancer on June 09. Here, Venus will conjugate with Jupiter. This conjugation of two positive planets is extremely fruitful, especially for northern countries of globe. This movement is favourable for the art and entertainment industries. This conjugation may bring many reforms in the education field.

Aries: June is favourable for Aries people. You will accomplish all the work with your own power. Excess expenditure is expected in the beginning of the month. Business men will have to face adverse situation in later weeks. Joint ventures may come under cloud. On family front, time is not favourable. You might have verbal conflicts with family members.

Taurus: Mixed fortune is forecast. The first week may be problematic, after that favourable time is expected. Health may cause some anxiety. Family journey is also expected this month. Mixed fortune is expected on family front. For students situation will improve this month.

Gemini: June is favourable month for Gemini people. You will finish your work with your effort and power. Time is favourable on economic front. If you are unemployed, this is best time to achieve your goal. Mixed fortune is expected in the family affairs. You have to control you anger, as tough time is expected in family matters. For students, more concentration and extra effort is needed in studies.

Cancer: June is favourable month for Cancer people also. You may expect holiday journey in this month. Present time is quite beneficial for working people. Businessmen may reap benefits from this favourable time. Time is good for investment. Peace and harmony is forecast on family front. Time is also good for students.

Leo: The month may not begin on a favourable note. But things will turn better in the second half of the month. The change in position of Jupiter is not good for Leo people. This might result in lack of confidence. Time is good on health and family fronts. However, children’s health and study may be a point of concern. For students situation will improve in this month.

Virgo: June is beneficial for Virgo people. Things will remain as good as it was in the last month. Continuous support of fortune is in the forecast. Time is quite beneficial in terms of profit for business persons. A holiday journey is expected and a home change is also forecast Virgo people. Time is also favourable on the family front, as peace and harmony is on the cards.

Libra: For Librans things will remain unchanged, like the last month. Fortune will extend to you a powerful support. But things may change by the end of the month. Some not-so-favourable changes are expected. Time is quite favourable for working people as well as business persons. On family front, peace and harmony is expected. Time is good for students also.

Scorpio: Mixed fortune is forecast for Scorpio people. First half of the month may bring problems in life. Time will turn favourable in the second fortnight. Business profit might be affected. Time is favourable for working people. Some conflicts with life partner are expected on family affairs. Time will remain favourable for students.

Sagittarius: Beginning of June is favourable. But in the second half things may turn the other way. Time is good for business persons as well as working people. Large profit is expected in business. The first fortnight is favourable for investment. You may have to face some ego problems. This period is also good for students.

Capricorn: This month begins on a favourable note. Fortune is likely to support you after the first week. Time is favourable for working people. Co-operation from colleagues is expected at work place. Mixed fortune is forecast for business persons, who may have to face some problems. Mother’s health may be a point of concern.

Aquarius: Later half of June is beneficial for Aquarius. The month is favourable for business persons. They may expect good profit. For working people, time is ripe for favourable changes. On family front peace and harmony is forecast. This mixed time for students. More concentration and extra effort is needed in study.

Pisces: The may begin on a note that ruled the last month. If you have any health problem, this will end. Time is favourable for business persons in terms of profit. Exercise caution in money exchange. Time is favourable on the family front. This period is also good for students.

Festivals of the month

Kalastami – June 04
Apara Ekadasi – June 08
Month’s Shivratri – June 10
Pradosh – June 10
Amavasya and Vat Savitri Varta – June 12
Ganga Dusseharai – June 21
Nirjala Ekadasi – June 22
Pradosh – June 23
Khandgraas Chandra-grahan (partial lunar eclipse) – June 26
(This eclipse will be visible in eastern India)
Jyesth Poornima and Sant Kabir Jayanti – June 26

(For further details write to panditji@bjmirror.com)


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