Please spare the innocent

Wanton killing of the train-bus passengers has once again exposed the ugly face of naxalites, waging ‘war’ in the name of the poor. The train passengers killed in the MCC-infested West Bengal were neither police men nor political leaders nor corrupt bureaucrats. The massacred passengers were mainly innocent poor. It is beyond common sense that the poor and innocent are being killed in the name of fighting battle for them. It is an admitted fact that naxal movement got derailed, even died, more than a decade ago. Ideology has got buried under the heavy weight of commercialism. The so-called ideological battle has turned out to be a tool to amass wealth for a princely life. MCC and extremists of all hues profess to fight the battle to bring cheers in the poor’s life and stamp out rampant corruption in government machinery assigned the task of executing governments’ welfare schemes. Can any extremist leader deny that they get their pound of flesh from each and every poverty-alleviation projects? Even school buildings and Indira Awas Yojna houses for the underdogs are not spared. Percentage (PC for the common man) collection has become the most important part of the left ideology. In actual terms, the extremist groups are being fed fat on the government money, meant for breads of the poor. Contractors, mukhias and lower level government officials have to pay regularly to the extremist groups. Even a small delay in paying the PC invites punishments, including death.

The big question that goes begging is that where from this PC amount come. Have contractors, mukhias and officials not to go ‘corrupt’ to adjust the PC amounts? Are PCs not chipped away from the poor man’s cakes? What kind of ideology is this? Breeding graft in the name of fighting corruption; robbing the poor in the name fighting for the cause of social serf! Corruption can not be fought through corrupt means. Ideologues and top leaders should provide a clear answer to these and many more questions that have cropped up in the people’s mind. In fact, Maoism has ended up in a pure and simple commercialism. Will the Maoist bosses declare their assets truthfully before and after they came to the raise the Red flag? I have personal knowledge about an extremist leader, who was just a mazdoor in a stone quarry before he joined the Red brigade. Today he has palatial houses in towns, bulging ‘benami’ bank accounts and his children have lavish lifestyle. And, the leader himself sits in the august company of parliamentarian, presiding over the country’s destiny.

All extremist leaders claim to be fighting the ‘war’ in the name of the poor and proclaim to be their messiah. Have they ever tried to gauge their popularity among the poor and innocent villagers? They should contest any election or hold referendum among the people without the shadow of guns and know as to how much common man hates them. But, general people can not afford to speak out against the extremist groups for fear of being killed. Recently, a group of tribals cutting through a mountain for road in the extremist-infested Jamui district were killed on mere suspicion of being police informers. Subsequently, the ultras themselves discovered that killed persons were innocent. Have the leaders been punished for this masscre? There can not be any justification for wanton killing of security forces. The men in uniform have no enmity with the ultra groups. They are just doing the duty assigned to them. Should one be punished for doing his duty? An ideological battle should be fought on ideological plane. Ideologies do not come from the barrels of guns. It will be the best for the poor and country if the extremist groups throw away guns and take charge of executing or monitoring governments’ poverty alleviation schemes in far flung rural areas. But, they won’t do that mainly because they would lose the money-minting mechanism. The extremist groups should read writings on the wall and eschew violence. Gun battle can not be a substitute for a political or ideological battle. Please spare the innocent people.