Mango diplomacy to boost sale

BJ Mirror Correspondent

The Bihar government has launched mango diplomacy by gifting baskets of luscious litchis and special mangoes this summer to hundreds of very important people (VIPs) in Delhi. The gifts of baskets of Shahi litchis (this variety in cultivated in Muzaffarpur zone only) and special Zardalu mangoes (grown mainly in Bhagalpur areas) reached VIPs Delhi VIPs, including President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Mango“In a bid to promote agro-products of the state, the Bihar government has sent special sweet gifts to VIPs in New Delhi”, a Bihar government official said and hoped that “Shahi litchis and Zardalu mangoes must have impress the country’s VVIPs and diplomats this summer. It will boost the state’s image.

The Shahi litchis and the delicious Zardalu mangoes are known for their rare taste and delicate flavour, but are yet to be marketed as fruits from Bihar within and outside the country. The government had prepared a list of over 400 important people in Delhi who received the gifts. They were also be given to Supreme Court judges and central ministers. The ministers include Home Minister P. Chidambaram, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar and Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee, senior diplomats of several embassies and bureaucrats in the national capital.

Litchi The Bhagalpur district administration had prepared a total of 425 gift packets each containing five kg of mangoes. This practice of sending sweet gifts to VIPs in Delhi was started by the Nitish Kumar government three years ago in order to promote and refurbish the state’s image.

Litchi is another speciality of Bihar. The Shahi litchi, grown in Muzaffarpur belt has no match in taste and aroma though this most popular brand is grown also in Jharkhand, UP and Uttaranchal regions. Besides having high quality fruit it has a distinct rose aroma and hence is called ‘Rose Scented’ in some areas. It is known as Shahi in Bihar. The vegetative flush of this variety is light and fruit weight ranges from 20 to 25 g. Its trees are very vigorous and produce fruits 100-150 kg per plant. Mature fruits are prone to cracking in zones with low humidity and poor moisture content in the soil. Pulp is greyish-white, soft, moderately juicy and sweet. The Bihar government has also decided to prepare a varieties of wine from litchi, as a part of campaign to diversify its use and ensure better income to the growers.


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